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Why we’re good at what we do – Level 2

why we’re good at what we do – Level 2

Why we’re good at what we do – Level 2

This is part 2 of our series of articles which look at how we prepare our new employees at QX Recruitment Services for their role as recruitment consultants. Part 1 covered the first stage of the in depth training provided through our Training Academy and detailed the areas focused upon to give our recruiters detailed base knowledge – you can read part 1 here.

The following is an example of the stage 2 of the training provided to team members to equip them with the skills required to fully facilitate our clients’ requirements:

Level 2 (24 hours)

1. Advert management

  • Developing and writing content
  • Understanding and creating a suitable job description to attract the correct candidate

2. Candidate generation

  • Creating a candidate database via sourcing and headhunting
  • Training on use of various tools of trade (for example, job boards, search engines, social media)

3. Profiling and qualifying candidates

  • Identifying and targeting specific audiences from an internal pool
  • First time approach method

4. QX measurement tools

  • Training to prepare monthly summary reports highlighting team productivity and achievements to be presented to management and clients
  • Daily productivity and error management

5. Placement management

  • Training on multi industrial permanent placement at all level (eg, clerical, managerial, executive and administrative)
  • Calculation on employee and employer commercial terms
  • Understanding employee and employer agreements
  • Understanding various contracts and payroll system across the UK and European geography

6. On-call query and escalations

  • Difficult situation handling (candidates and clients)
  • Detailed client and candidate management

You can find out more about our services by clicking here however, this article focuses on how we empower and prepare our team to make sure you get a superb service and top notch results. Make sure to stay tuned next week as we will be discussing the requirements for the final level 3 training.

If you believe we can assist in your resourcing activities please email for a confidential and no commitment discussion or give us a call on +44 845 838 2462.

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