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Why we’re good at what we do – Level 3

why we are good at what we do level 3

Why we’re good at what we do – Level 3

Once our recruitment process outsourcing trainees have fully got to grips with the general recruitment processes, UK culture and background around their area of specialty in Part 1 of the training academy, managing and utilising the tools QX has provided them with to do their tasks in Part 2, they are ready to move on to Level 3.  Here they will look at upskilling to take on some of the tasks that really make a difference to our clients and where QX differentiates itself.

Level 3 (16 hours)

Organizational matrix/mapping

  • Techniques for company mapping
  • Creating an organization matrix (management hierarchy)

Situation based training

  • Managerial level situation handling (eg, staff, client, process, productivity, capacity, error, meeting turnaround time)


  • Techniques to conduct phone interviews for permanent, contractual positions
  • Identifying referrals - knowing if a client can recommend others with similar qualifications  
  • Emotional quotients – understanding the candidates personal situation to target jobs accordingly

Avoiding unlawful discrimination

  • Identifying what not to do

End client business development

  • Generating business leads
  • Business development for clients

We want to make sure that we empower and prepare our teams to be able to provide the best service possible to our clients. The training academy may seem a bit intensive however, we want to make sure that quality of service and knowledge of the industry is solid before moving forward. To find out more about the services that QX Recruitment Services provides click here.

If you believe we can assist in your resourcing activities please email for a confidential and no commitment discussion or give us a call on +44 845 838 2462.

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