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Full Cycle Recruiting Services
QX Recruitment is top provider of Full Cycle Recruiting services and has been delivering high-worth tangible results to its clientele since 2004. Full cycle recruiting has evolved as a niche service and through our offshore recruitment services in India we have successfully recruited thousands of personnel, formatted and processed countless resumes, cleansed numerous databases, managed the timesheet-to-payroll process, thereby helped our clients to fill more jobs in less time and ramp up their profit margins.
Full life cycle recruiting services offered by QX recruitment help you concentrate on your core business objectives. Whereas, all the supporting roles/tasks are fulfilled by our expert sourcers, recruiters and admin professionals. With a perfect amalgam of technology and a knack for recruiting, QXRS fulfils both your immediate and long-term sourcing and recruiting needs by delivering customized Full Cycle Recruiting solution to your staffing business in US.
We have trained and mature sourcers and recruiters with proven track record of transforming staffing businesses in US. Our extensive knowledge in the recruitment domain and experience of working with some of the top staffing clients in the Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Hospitality, Information Technology, Social Care and Telecom sectors has established ourselves as an expert recruiting solutions provider.
full cycle recruiting

Identifying the client need
Receive contact from staffing company
Understand client requirement
Identify and implement solution
Analysis and mapping
Market research/survey
Organization mapping
Skill mapping
Vacancy monitoring
Database cleansing/regeneration
Advert writing
Job posting and monitoring
Sourcing candidates from job boards and social media channels
Covering out of hours and weekends to contact candidates
Phone Screening and Full Cycle Recruiting
Resume formatting
Resume processing
Pre-employment screening
Pre-interview calls
Candidate qualification and candidate profiling
Scheduling interviews
Selection and hiring
Candidate chasing
Reference check
Pre-hire assessment
On-boarding candidates

Licence and DEA check
Confirmation of booking

Benefits at a glance

Improved quality
Our mature team of sourcers, recruiters, & admin and back-office professionals focus on improving your service quality enabling you to retain existing clients and help you focus on acquiring new business.
Faster turnaround
Time is an appreciated currency; and through our responsive, flexible, and consistent process delivery we help you to provide better services to your clients with faster turnaround.
Reduce costs
Dedicated resources with proven expertise of sourcing and recruiting utilize their years of experience in helping clients win best suited candidates to strategically plan and execute ideal methodology on your recruiting process to dramatically reduce operational costs.
Swiftness and expertise
Clarity and focus with undiminished enthusiasm to search the best candidates, both through conventional and unconventional channels to deliver swiftly and with improved quality ensuring you can provide highest level of client satisfaction with low turnaround time.
Scalable recruiting capacity
Recruitment business has a volatile dynamics and businesses that keep up the pace and scale accordingly enjoy greater profit and success. To make sure that your staffing business is not left behind we plan and customize to your specifications with the flexibility to up- and down-scale to meet your requirements and manage expenditure.
Maintained focus on core business
Outsourcing/offshoring recruitment processes helps businesses across industries. For your staffing agency, we are ideally suited to minimize the time spent by your employees on the recruitment functions and to allow them to focus on core processes to drive business.
To find out more about our services or to discuss about an improved way of working which directly affects your bottom line, contact us today!

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