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Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Recruitment industry is highly competitive and is short on candidates which has pushed recruiting businesses to search for better differentiating factor to stand out. However, focusing on differentiating factor and including those processes in your hiring approach can be a costly and tedious affair which can further lower your profit margins. And therefore, QX recruitment services as the top offshore recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) Providers in the US offers you several ideal recruiting business differentiators making sure you have an edge over your staffing business competitors and your company gets efficient and aligned to your profit goals.
Among several other factors and process efficiencies that we bring to your business through our total outsourced recruitment solutions some of the key differentiators that we offer include the following.

We align to your business methodology and values
Provide you fully trained & specialized recruiters
We employ a dedicated resource model
Our sourcers & recruiters go high-touch ensuring great candidate experience
Our experts work efficiently and dedicatedly to achieve targets within less turnaround time

QX recruitment as the top recruitment process outsourcing companies in India, caters to several well-known recruitment and staffing clients in the US and UK. Our professionally aligned offshore recruiting services keep you in control of your processes and continue delivering high quality and high volume measurable and sustainable results. This is made possible by streamlining the recruitment process and introducing well organized practices to your staffing business, thereby increasing efficiency of hiring procedure while significantly reducing overhead costs.
360 degree recruitment services

What sets us apart from most RPO firms is that we employ a dedicated resource model. This means there is no conflict of interest with other clients because our recruiters are only working for your company.
How your agency can benefit from outsourcing:

Measurable increase in quantity of high worth candidates
Reduced overhead and associated recruiting process costs
Your in-house resources are free from tedious and time consuming recruitment process work and so they get a lot of time to focus on core processes to drive business
Great candidate hiring and onboarding experience due to Out of hours, night sourcing, and offshore dedicated recruiter cover
Efficient and sustainable recruitment life cycle with quick turnaround providing talent channel for future needs

Is Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (ORPO) solution for you?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is successful only when you have clarity on what processes are making your business unproductive and how an offshore recruitment outsourcing partner can help you to achieve efficiency and profit by streamlining the process. It’s not about just paying an offshore company to source and recruit for your staffing business; it’s more about understanding where support is required within your company and putting in effort to find an ideally suited offshore recruitment process outsourcing partner who have both expertise, experience, and have served high-end recruiting clients. This not only helps you find an efficient solution for your tedious tasks but also helps you improving your relationship with your own clients by boosting your brand and assist you to find the best talent possible.
At QX recruitment services, we believe and invest behind five key principles to a happy offshore recruitment outsourcing engagement, namely – business readiness, clarity over scope of work, expectations settings, demarcated dependencies, and governance methodology. Based on these and with extensive knowledge and experience of working in the recruitment domain we have established ourselves as an expert offshore recruitment process outsourcing partner in India for the staffing firms in the US within the healthcare, oil and gas, engineering, hospitality, and information technology sectors.

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