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Administrative services

Administrative services
Outsourcing the burden of your tedious administrative and accountancy work will free up your valuable workforce and allow them to focus on your core competencies. We deliver cost-effective, high-quality back office support services and can take care of your administrative and clerical work and help you to streamline your procedures.
We specialize in delivering the back-office services that are inherent in the recruitment process, from Resume formatting and processing, skill coding on CRM/ATS to job posting, reference chasing, criminal record checks and timesheet processing. Our flexible service delivery models let you outsource as much, or as little, as you like from a fully managed recruitment project to a simple job posting requirement.
back offices services

Our administrative services offering
Resume formatting
It is very important that the resume clearly reflects all the required skill set and strengths of the candidate. Our resume specialists can edit the candidates’ resumes according to your specified format and make sure that they reflect the specific job requirements, increasing the chance of closing the vacancy.
Resume processing and skill coding
When advertising vacancies, it is very important to consistently monitor the response of the prospective candidates. However, consistent monitoring and resume processing can be a daunting task; our experts with specific industry experience can monitor the responses, sift through all the resumes received, map the profiles to specific skill sets on your CRM/ATS and thereby efficiently search and shortlist the appropriate resumes for further processing.
Vacancy monitoring
We have the ability to monitor, analyze and report on the vacancies that our clients and other companies have posted on various job portals. With a better understanding of the overall market, our clients have a clear idea about the current hiring needs of a niche market in which they specialize and an advantage over their competitors. This can help with planning and prioritizing.
Job posting
Leave your frustrating and time-consuming job posting activities to us; our research team is trained to create candidate-orientated advertisements and post them on the various job boards, user groups, and your CRM/ATS. All you need to do is provide us with the relevant information and we will take care of the rest. Our researchers can constantly analyze your job postings and repost your positions before they expire in order to get the optimum candidate response throughout.
Reference chasing/pre-employment screening
Carrying out a reference check is one of the most important but arduous tasks in the recruitment process. Our team of trained professionals has in-depth knowledge of various industries and can help you with background checks and validation of the candidate’s employment history, the duration of their employment, their role and past performance in their previous employment in order to eliminate the risk of wrongful hiring.
Timesheets and payroll process
We all know this is the most cumbersome part of your business which ties up your time and money and holds you in an administrative headlock. So, whether you need us to process timesheets or run a fully managed payroll, we’ve got this covered. Let us streamline your core back-office functions of timesheet and expense processing, billing, payroll, contract management and reporting. Our highly skilled and dedicated payroll specialists will take care of the entire timesheet process and help you reduce your cost of operations and make a positive impact on your bottom line.
Market research and survey
Our capabilities include sophisticated, high-end research and industry surveys – be it vacancies or products e.g. recruitment CRM/ATS systems. Since 2004, we have been operating in the recruitment industry and are established as an expert in carrying out in-depth research and providing insight through competitor intelligence.

Benefits at a glance

Improved quality
Our experienced team of professionals helps you to improve your service delivery and client retention.
Faster turnaround
Responsive, flexible and consistent process delivery that helps you to provide your clients with an improved service.
Reduce costs
Highly experienced dedicated resources that concentrate on your recruiting process to dramatically reduce operational costs.
Swiftness and expertise
A dedicated resource with industry specific experience that delivers swiftly and with improved quality output so you can provide client satisfaction.
Scalable recruiting capacity
A recruitment plan customized to your specifications with the flexibility to up- and down-scale to meet your requirements and manage expenditure.
Maintained focus on core business
Reduce the time spent on the recruitment functions to allow your employees to focus on core processes to drive business.
Sara James, Managing Director, Thornbury Nursing Services
“QX Recruitment Services had been successfully supplying a range of support services to another division in our group of companies for some time so we approached them to see what help they could provide for us.”
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