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Candidate Care Is Your Best Opportunity to Differentiate and How QX Can ...

Enhance the capabilities of your staffing team with QX offshore RPO and ensure your business aces candidate care like no competitor does.

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Top 3 Reasons You Should Change Focus from Hiring for Skills to Performance

Performance based hiring is time intensive and unprofitable but is the future of recruitment. Engage QX RPO Services from India to make it work for you.

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Most in Demand Soft Skills for 2019 and How to Source Relevant Candidates

Soft skills help candidates stay relevant and make them more employable. Sourcing them needs improved approach. Contact QX for support.

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How to Address Hopes and Fears of Recruiters for Increased Placements

At QXRS, diversity isn’t just a fad or hiring approach, it’s a way of doing business and it is instrumental in addressing hopes & fears of recruiters.

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Top Benefits of Resume Sourcing and Candidate Pre-screening RPO Assistance

To benefit from best resume sourcing services you have to partner with QX – the best offshore staffing process assistance service provider.

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