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Why Staffing Businesses Need an Experienced Resource Solution Provider

QX is 2018's Top 100 Outsourcing Provider recognized by IAOP. It is the best destination for cost effective recruitment back office tasks in India.

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[Infographic] Why every staffing business owner should attend Staffing W...

Attend ASA Staffing World 2018 by American Staffing Association at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center - National Harbor - United States and meet QX.

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Boiling Frog Theory in Shaping Staffing Business Approach

To survive & thrive, staffing businesses should be aware of the change in their ecosystem. Treating candidates as customers is one such change.

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AI Enabled Just-In-Time Sourcing and Recruiting of Travel Nurses

AI is revolutionizing human resource and it also helps travel nurse staffing firms in the US by enabling just-in-time sourcing & recruiting.

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Governance Methodology for Successful Offshore RPO Business

Success of Offshore RPO engagement depends on governance methodology which should be implemented on all three levels – Strategic, Tactical, and Operational.

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