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How AI Will Help Staffing Businesses in Recruiting but Not with Sourcing

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The primary role of a sourcing specialist is to identify and qualify skilled resources which are suitable for a role. And this task can be easily performed by AI and could be automated saving time and effort. Intelligent chat-bots and software integrated with ATS systems are already mastering this task and helping staffing businesses. Additionally, AI and automated tools are also able to perform most of the tasks of a recruiter. However, it still stands true that AI will not be able to take over the role of a sourcer whereas it can easily take up the recruiting task.

The reason for the gap exists in the fact that sourcing specialists are not only meant to identify and qualify candidates but they also have the core task of engaging them and inciting their interest for open roles. It is more like identifying a customer, assessing if he/she is qualified to buy a product/service and then engaging them to buy it by making intelligent sales. And all of these is even in distant future is far from capability of AI or any other automation tool. This is also why, AI will be able to help staffing businesses in the US and worldwide with recruiting functions but not with sourcing.

Though, it does not mean that the recruitment companies in the US cannot make their sourcing process more efficient and really productive and profitable given the tight labor market. Then, the solution is very different and it is more towards high-touch or getting human intensive than looking towards machine and technology. This by anyway does not imply that staffing companies should hire more sourcing specialists to get the job done in the best way and in required turnaround time. Rather, it implies that they have to offshore recruitment services in India. For long, recruitment agencies have been using offshore services for their non-essential staffing assistance work. Those work primarily consisted of volumes of repetitive work which their teams could not take up and do efficiently but were required to dispense for proper functioning of the business. Most of such staffing firms have been happily using recruitment back office solutions from top RPO in India.

QX Recruitment Services USA offers mature and profitable recruitment process outsourcing India services to staffing businesses in the US. And for the sourcing services, QX is among the preferred partners. It is able to save them as much as 55% in terms of operational cost and offers them much valuable time saving of at least 50%. Both of these benefits coupled with quality of resumes and candidates sourced by experts at QX give staffing agencies in the US all the reasons to compensate what AI cannot do for them by engaging its recruitment outsourcing companies India services.

Apart from the usual benefits listed above, engaging QX for recruitment back office solutions and sourcing activities which are both time and resource intensive, staffing firms enjoy the flexibility of not scaling up their in-house team for the required work. It saves them cost in terms of salary and also cost incurred in maintaining a large team. Moreover, staffing owners also enjoy the peace of mind knowing the fact that they can even downscale the offshore team whenever their workflow gets thin.

All of these collectively imply that sourcing activity as of now and also in the distant future is going to be human centric and thus would not be properly handled by AI or automated tools. However, staffing businesses can gain efficiency even for their sourcing tasks by virtue of engaging offshore RPO team with QX.

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