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How Staffing Firms Can Improve Assessment of Candidates for Increased Placements

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offshore recruitment assistance by QX for better placement rate

A relevant slate of candidate does not always culminate into closure of open role. Competition is stiff to grab the best talents and if your post sourcing processes are slow or unresponsive, it is always going to take away business from you. To start implementing a fix to this problem, the best thing to start with in year 2019 will definitely be an improved assessment of candidates. It does not have to be limited in terms of how good or insightful is the assessment result but also how quickly and efficiently it can complete the task.

Staffing firms in the US have found their perfect solution for sourcing and back office related woes in offshore recruitment assistance services offered by best RPO companies in India. It helps them save cost and time and also allows their recruiters to focus on engaging best sourced candidates to expedite closure of open roles. It has ensured appreciative increase in the profit margin of recruitment businesses. However, if the candidate assessment process of such staffing firms are not performing at their best then they lose on the value gained due to engaging recruitment back office solutions and sourcing assistance.

One of the major issues faced by staffing businesses in expediting candidate assessment process is that they have to do it by increasing their in-house team of recruiters. But this measure also implies that it will also eat up the profit. However, with AI and automation in picture, staffing firms now have the perfect tool to help them expedite assessment. Use of AI for assessment of sourced candidates spread out even for interviewing process. Though, AI will not be able to do things like convincing talents to understand the benefits of the open position and why they should accept it. For all such roles, staffing industry should always rely on best recruiters.

QX Recruitment Services USA tops the list of RPO companies in India and is also one of the most preferred sourcing and recruiting support service provider for the staffing businesses in the US. QX through its offshore RPO services support staffing businesses in expediting and improving the quality of sourced candidates and also with their interviews and assessment. QX with its recruitment back office solutions is also able to take care of every intermediately, repetitive, and voluminous tasks that are required to make sourcing and hiring process error free and a success.

If you are looking for support pertaining to how you can make candidate assessment process better to improve placement rate, then you can Contact QX. Basis your requirement and volume of work, we can either engage AI tolls for candidate assessment process or can provide you an offshore team of trained and mature recruiters who would make your overall hiring process efficient along with making your process profitable.

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