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How Staffing Firms in the USA Can Keep Growing in a Tight Labor Market

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Candidates do not turn up for interviews

Most of the staffing businesses have come to terms with the fact that they have to cope with a tight labor market. But not many know that as per latest reports, the current situation is worse since 1969. Now, it is nothing about this quarter or the coming quarter, it is about conducting resource intensive business for foreseeable future with highly acute shortage of candidates. And, it is true for all major job markets in the world, but it is severe in the US.

Most of the recruiters are not able to get proper CV sourcing services as most of the time the candidates they call are not interested. Recruiters in the US have started calling their job as one of the loneliest. Some of the staffing business owners have revealed that time and again they start feeling as if the telephone line is not working properly. And the reason for such reaction is because the candidates they contact based on the sources resumes from CV sourcing companies, are of candidates who are not looking for any change in the job. There are more open job orders than ever and there are people looking for the opportunities but it is only a matter of finding the right mix.

It is also a fact that due to a tight labor market, the candidates have started ghosting and vanishing at the time of calls/interviews; but it is also true that there are people who have right set of skills and are unable to find relevant jobs. This mismatch is caused due to poor sourcing activities and to correct it is the way how staffing firms in the USA can keep growing in a tight labor market. However, most of the recruitment businesses are not in a position to invest more at in-house resource and boost their CV/resume/candidate sourcing teams.

Then, they do have the option of engaging offshore staffing process assistance. These services include best suitable CV sourcing or resume sourcing. It also helps the staffing companies in the US to save cost. However, choosing the best CV sourcing company holds the key, if the staffing business will be able to wade through the tough times or not. And the key to choose the best resume candidate sourcing companies in India is by looking at their expertise at sourcing activity and their experience in the domain.

It is not uncommon to find staffing agencies in the US who have had a bad experience of CV sourcing services. This is because they choose offshore partners who are not recognized. To save yourself from any such trouble, you can rely on QX Recruitment Services USA for all your offshore staffing process assistance requirements including CV sourcing services. QX has vast experience of more than 14 years in the domain and is also recognized by IAOP as top 100 global outsourcing businesses for year 2018.

The US based processes of QX are SOC 2 compliant and most of the important factors of security, team management, ownership of the process are also meticulously dealt by the QX team ensuring you get a premium experience of CV sourcing activities from QX as the best CV sourcing company in India. It will definitely help your staffing business to stay lean and yet get best pool of candidates to work on for the open positions that your recruiters are trying to fill.

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