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How to Address Hopes and Fears of Recruiters for Increased Placements

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Address Hopes and Fears of Recruiters

Both hopes and fears of recruiters crop out from their own biases, prejudices, and preferences. Recruiters have traditionally relied a lot on their gut feeling which have impacted the hiring process negatively. Several biases and preferences which have no rational backup such as the odd thumb rules, ideally qualified, graduated from the top 8 varsities, or someone with the geek look have long contributed to both fears and hopes of recruiters.

As a staffing business owner in the US you must have come across some of these recruiters in your team. More often than not, you too must have felt convinced that these are not harmful to your business when it was actually drifting you away from being the staffing business of choice. So, if you have similar experience then it is time for you to understand how to address recruiters hopes and fears and benefit from their better performance which translates into increased placements.

It is equally true for companies which want to become an employer of choice and have yet not considered addressing the hopes and fears of their in-house recruiters or to that of the recruiters at partnering staffing businesses who work on their roles. However, in defense of the staffing businesses who allow their recruiters pick up and practice certain biases and prejudices, it can be traced backed and attributed to client’s expectations and their biases towards picking candidates from local area or with certain non-work related traits.

Companies and employers who engage recruiters from staffing businesses fail to understand that by limiting channels or type of candidates they also limit ability of staffing businesses to help them make placements. This is when QX comes into the picture and helps staffing businesses in the US directly and their clients indirectly by addressing hopes and fears of recruiters whether in-house or at offshore locations. Below is an account of how QX Recruitment Services USA achieves its objectives:

  • Practice what you preach -  just as recruiters are encouraging their clients to experience the positive impact of diversity, their own businesses are also in line for benefits when they engage recruiters from different locations, cultures, ethnicity, and skill sets. This is best possible by engaging offshore recruiters with QX having its delivery centers in India.
  • Excellent sourcing support – recruiterswhetherin-house or at offshore locations are better when they have got sourcing support. For staffing businesses in the US, excellent sourcing support implies high labor intensive work and investment. But for your staffing business, we have services through which we offer excellent sourcing support at as low as 65% of cost.
  • Zero bias – yes it is true that there is nothing called zero bias but with QX your will benefit from near zero bias both for your sourcing and recruiting processes. Sourcing specialists and recruiting experts at QX which make your offshore team do not have any sort of preconceived notion about any type of candidate or culture and thus they are best suited to pick talents with near zero bias.

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