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How to Tackle Candidate Shortage and Increased Candidate Ghosting

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Excellent candidate sourcing service from QX to reduce ghosting

During online reviews and offline interactions with candidates, they numerate multiple reasons for not liking the recruiters. Untimely calls, irrelevant job opportunities, and several other reasons are quoted for the same. Similarly, if recruiters are to be believed, candidates do not value their contribution, they make false commitments and worst of all, they ghost at the time of key interviews. Lot of staffing agencies and independent recruiters also claim that as many as 20% of candidates have ghosted them on the day of joining. It not only kills the payment but the client also drops staffing agencies which has referred the candidate in the first place.

In general, both candidates and recruiters do not seem to be in love with each other. Which is fine as long as they mutually assist each other and purpose of matching best jobs to best suited candidate are being fulfilled. The other issues could be resolved by working on reducing the negative aura of the overall recruitment and staffing industry. It will help candidates look at the staffing businesses and independent recruiters as their allies in find the best suited job opportunity.

It is also observed and reported that in the recent past with tightening of labor market the issue of ghosting has increased. Staffing agencies which have already been reeling from the other candidate shortage issues and problems cropping out of them have another problem to deal with. However, not many of the staffing businesses in the US have been able to come up with an approach to tackle these issues. Most of them only try and avoid candidates who do not sound committed. But, this cannot be a solution anyway. Subsequently, to cope with such issues, QX Recruitment Services USA offers the best possible solution to these problems and that happens to be effective and highly reliable candidate sourcing services.

You might wonder how sourcing service can help tackle problems related to ghosting of candidates. The answer lies in the fact that if your end results are not performing, you have to first focus on the start of the chain. And all of this starts with sourcing activity. So, if you can positively make your candidate sourcing activity reliable and efficient then all these problems will get sorted.

QX as the top offshore staffing process assistance service providers from India to staffing businesses in the US, offers quality cv sourcing services. The sourcing experts from QX enables you to connect with best of the candidates who are actually willing to take up the open roles and have an itch for change. This helps your in-house recruiters to talk only to interested candidates and move the process to the next level. Further, as a staffing business, you also benefit from the cost savings which is inherent to working with QX as the best CV sourcing company.

Whether you are a staffing businesses who have recruiters complaining about candidate ghosting or you are an independent recruiter who is lonely at your desk feeling that you are stuck in a thankless job; the key to tackle candidate ghosting has to be efficient, effective and high quality candidate sourcing. In case you are looking for CV sourcing services and looking to save at least 55% then you can contact QX Recruitment Services USA.

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