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Most in Demand Soft Skills for 2019 and How to Source Relevant Candidates

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QXRS US helps you source candidates with in-demand soft skills

Organizations for long have valued hard skills over soft skills and at a time when candidate shortage is acute, resources are keen to join companies which incentivize their soft skills. Due to the changes in the dynamics of recruitment market in the US and globally, companies who are unable to find exact match for required hard skills are keen to employ people with most in demand soft skills as there is a general consensus that hard skills can be easily taught to people who have specific soft skills. Some of the most in-demand soft skills which a candidate should have to be able to easily get trained for required hard skills are as below:


Hard skills are always built on some old concept and idea and it is more of a job which is to be done each day. This is why, it can easily be taught to robots and they can do the jobs with required hard skills efficiently and at less cost. However, to think and conceive an idea for some unusual problem for which there is no pre-existing concept or idea companies require people with creativity.


Sales and marketing require lot of persuasion and it is not only with these two job functions but normally even with job roles such as sourcing and recruiting people should have quality to positively persuade their target audience. This skill is a must for a lot of managerial positions. Companies also require thought leaders to propagate their values and propositions and are always looking for candidates with this soft skill.


It is not as simple as contributing a repetitive task to a production line; rather, it is about working collectively to support team members to come up with a solution for more complex problems. Robots can be effective in a production line but even AI at this time does not have the core collaborative skills as demonstrated by human candidates with this soft skill.


Machines and even AI are conceived and modeled to contribute to one task and could not learn multiple skills (mostly soft skills) as technology is limited by time. Therefore, till the time AI is powerful to adapt to various roles there is a huge scope for candidates with adaptability as one of the soft skills. Companies are looking for people who can solve tomorrow’s problems and that is possible when their resource are agile and adaptive.

How to source such skills?

Candidates with both required soft skills as well as hard skills are almost rare and probably are already working with some other recruiters. This is why you have to improve your sourcing approach to be the first to contact candidates with required soft skills as they will be a good fit for submission. To source a data scientist, you do not have to be one, but to source candidates with certain soft skills it is best to have those skills.

At QX Recruitment Services USA, we continually train and develop our sourcing specialists with most in-demand soft skills. This enables our teams to source you most relevant candidates who can be easily trained for required hard skills and therefore help you to fill more jobs.

Contact Us to see us in action with a trial and understand how we can actually help you source most in-demand skills for 2019 and save you at least 55% in sourcing cost.

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