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Outsourcing Full-cycle Recruiting & Its Many Benefits

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Outsourced Full-cycle Recruiting Basics & Benefits

One talent pool and many takers! America has an unemployment rate of just 3.6%. With employers competing to obtain the best recruits, talent hunt is nothing short of war. For small and medium businesses, plagued with such challenges as inadequate resources, lack of market access, inappropriate prioritization, etc.,  the challenges of recruitment only add to their woes. So how to ensure a perfect match between talent expectation and talent recruit; outsource full-cycle recruiting process.

Today, recruitment strategies are exceedingly KPI driven, and most full-cycle recruiting partnerships are defined by technology and business process consulting. Data transparency and data analytics form the core of these partnerships. Along with the data-driven approach, more emphasis is also being given to delivering positive recruitment and candidate experience. The information imparted, the medium through which it is imparted, how clearly it is imparted, and the rate of the recruitment process, etc., all form an important aspect of recruiting experience. For the candidate, the company culture, the job position expectations and its compensation package, future growth prospects, etc., are important determinants. Outsourced full lifecycle recruiting functionalities and strategies tend to:

  • Take on a targeted marketing approach where talent behaviour is leveraged to build awareness of a client’s brand,
  • Capture quality active talent along with passive talent at a large scale leveraging recruitment tech and streamlined process,
  • Use data and facts to measure talent, improve profile matching and attract quality candidates.

SMEs can either outsource some aspects of recruitment such as resume sourcing and background checking or the entire end-to-end recruitment process as a whole to a single vendor or multiple vendors. However, maintaining multiple vendors can throw up challenges like putting SMEs under a financial strain, improper collaboration, process delays etc. Hiring and managing in-house recruiters could also be quite an expensive and time-consuming proposition, add to this the risk it would bring in the prevalent volatile jobs market.

Thus, outsourcing to a single offshore RPO partner is a beneficial proposition since it facilitates easy collaboration between the vendor and the SME HR manager, and gives the recruitment agency added agility and scalability.

The basics of outsourced full-cycle recruiting

Simply put, in this strategy one vendor is tasked with carrying out every step of the recruitment process. Thus from creating a job advertisement to ensuring its visibility through the appropriate channels, preselecting candidates and managing their joining formalities; all aspects of recruitment are dealt with professionally by a single RPO expert. 

Also known as 360 recruiting, the full cycle recruitment process comprises the following steps:

  • Preparing: A full-cycle recruiting agency in collaboration with the company HR manager conceptualizes the positional and candidature requirements. The ideal candidate for the position is defined by creating fictional candidate personas mentioning the traits, skills and characteristics.

Preparing a well-defined job description with the job responsibilities and requirements accurately mentioned also forms part of this stage. It should also contain information regarding the salary, perks and other benefits attached to the position. A brief note about the company culture and growth roadmap further helps attract good applicants.

These form the guidelines that define talent acquisition with respect to the job requirements.

  • Sourcing: There is a high demand for top candidates. As most candidates remain passive, recruiters use innovative and intuitive methods to lure them out like social recruiting, employee referral programs, web sourcing, in-house referrals etc. RPO enables its clients to take advantage of next-gen technologies inclusive of workforce planning, advanced analytics and benchmarking to attract candidates.
  • Screening: Numerous methods are used to narrow down the list of applicants to potential hire. It begins from reviewing resumes to identify required skillsets to conducting telephonic screening interviews.
  • Selecting: This crucial part of the whole process deals with conducting individual interviews to help assess the selected candidates; to understand if they are as good as they look on paper. It enables recruiters to match the knowledge, experience and skills of a candidate with the job requirements. The interview results are further backed by conducting background and reference checks on the candidates.
  • Hiring: There are two activities involved in this step. The first includes sending an official and personalized job offer to the selected candidate clarifying all the hiring terms like compensation, fringe benefits, working hours, contract length, joining date etc.

 The second part of this process includes conducting negotiations with the candidate if he or she is not happy with the offered hiring terms. The negotiations at this stage need to be handled delicately and with special care.

  • Onboarding: While the company HR usually handles this step, it is still part of the full-cycle recruiting process in which RPO companies offer support if required. Thus 360 recruitment ends with ensuring that the hired employee is made to feel welcome, provided with the necessary resources and tools, is introduced to his new colleagues and co-workers etc. Thus, this stage starts with an introduction and then moves on to orientation and subsequently ends in new employee training.

Benefits of the outsourced full-cycle recruiting process

Outsourcing full lifecycle recruiting is extremely beneficial for small and medium businesses. The advantages and benefits that they enjoy are:

  1. Recruitment accountability: The recruitment process involves different steps. If handled by different people, chaos and confusion may rule. Consequently, the whole process may get mired in issues and problems, and quality of output suffers. But the implementation of single vendor recruitment puts one offshore RPO expert in charge of the whole process. This ensures the maintenance of a clear strategy from start to finish and also makes the process time-efficient. Thus, outsourcing recruitment ensures recruitment accountability and process stability.
  1. Streamlined process: A dedicated offshore recruitment team looks after every nook and cranny of the process and thus exerts greater control over it. This effectively ensures better recruiting success as the team remains aligned around the pace of the process, can operate with optimal flexibility and agility and is knowledgeable about all developments taking place. Thus the process gets streamlined and retains a unique target-oriented approach.
  1. Better candidate experience: A friendly environment enhances a candidate’s ability to perform at interviews, group discussions etc. The candidate tends to look beyond the monetary offerings. With improved employer branding resulting from a better candidate experience, he can look forward to achieving personal and professional growth with the company. Thus a good candidate experience invariably increases the chances of top talent recruit. Statistically, 83% of candidates agree that an improved overall experience helps them make a choice in the company’s favour.

Additionally, having a single point contact for the whole recruitment process makes a candidate feel comfortable. Communication is the key to recruiting good talent but recruiting “black hole” is a common experience with most candidates. The recruiter by failing to communicate with a potential candidate loses him to other competing companies. Offshore full-cycle recruitment agencies ensure regular, transparent high-touch communication with the candidate. Thus, the likelihood of losing out on top talent recruits is minimal.

Offshore recruiting agencies such as QX RPO Solutions aid recruitment agencies worldwide through precise implementation of technologically advanced and expert hiring solutions.

  1. Reduced time-to-fill: While the above advantages pertain to the recruitment of quality talent, this benefit deals with the time frame of its achievement. For small businesses, time is money, and any lacuna in the company can result in the company taking a greater hit. Its growth tends to stop, and with stagnation, the company loses out on lucrative growth opportunities.

The implementation of the outsourced offshore recruitment model, however, increases the visibility of the job requisitions and postings made. Additionally, with job advertisements becoming creative, crisp, precise and informative, a number of suitable candidates applying for the position increase. This enables recruiters to make a good selection within a short time span, thereby saving the company quite a lot of money.

  1. Better quality of candidates recruited: Recruiting a candidate not appropriate for the job position is a mistake no talent acquisition company, especially small or medium, can afford to make. It is a total waste of time, money and effort as for the same job posting, recruitment efforts have to be remade, and in a worst-case scenario may lose the confidence of the client.

Additionally finding the best candidate for a position is the biggest challenge most recruiters and sourcers face. This challenge is even greater for small and medium companies. However, with the support of RPO expert, you get to work with a specialized team of candidate sourcing experts. They are process-driven and proficient in attracting active and passive candidates, thereby increasing the probability of landing purple squirrel (the perfect-fit candidate) and boost your CV sourcing capability.

  1. Improvement of the recruiting strategy: Outsourcing full-cycle recruiting is a smart recruitment strategy for businesses to adopt. This model enables them to ramp up or down as per the ever-changing market demands and gives them an added agility to scale up quickly, even in challenging market conditions. Talent acquisition is a very critical matter and with most companies willing to go to great lengths to obtain good candidates, having a flexible recruitment policy in place might be the only point of difference between success and failure.

The implementation of this strategy is a great way to upgrade, revise and revamp the current recruiting policy. Thus small and medium companies can have a risk-free set-up and set to become successful in the talent acquisition landscape.

The implementation of offshore full life cycle recruiting support helps SMEs to improve their job prioritization, professionalism, revenue generation and ensure better ROI. But for SMEs to benefit from the advantages stated above the choice of the RPO agency is critical. Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies that offer customized full-cycle recruitment solutions, that are technologically data-driven, and can process niche as well as large scale applications are the employment agencies to look at.

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