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[Infographic] Top 10 Strategies for Hiring Relevant Candidates in a Tigh...

Hiring & on-boarding candidates who stick to the jobs start with quality resume sourcing. Focus on contacting the best slate of candidate for ideal staffing results.

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How AI Will Help Staffing Businesses in Recruiting but Not with Sourcing

Sourcing specialist are to evolve as salesperson and marketing experts. Engage QX sourcers to gain efficiency when AI cannot help with human centric roles.

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Complete Your Staffing Support Team Before You Leave for Vacations

This festive season do not miss job orders. Strengthen your staffing support team with back office solutions for recruitment process assistance by QX.

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How to Manage Staff Shortage this Festive Season for Your Healthcare Sta...

On demand RPO assistance services from QX help you manage staff shortage during festive seasons. Evaluate our services with free trial.

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How to Get More Healthcare Candidates to Respond in 2019

Engage QX as the best offshore healthcare RPO provider in India for US staffing businesses to increase candidate response rate and sourcing in 2019.

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