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Top 3 Reasons You Should Change Focus from Hiring for Skills to Performance

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QX helps US staffing businesses with performance based hiring

Performance based hiring is still not popular among most of the recruiters in the US and one of the major reasons behind is the fact that recruiters have to invest lot of time in assessing if a candidate can perform when there are not exact sets of supporting hard skills. Additionally, hiring managers are also apprehensive of accepting candidates who do not have exact required skills highlighted in their resumes and duly supported with some certification or academic record.

Current candidate shortage which is unanimously unprecedented there is no way you can ignore the merits of hiring for performance rather than only relying on searching for candidates who already have required skills. Top 3 reasons why it will change the fortune of your staffing business in the US are as below:

Easy availability of candidates

When you are flexible in searching for people who have certain soft skills are related hard skills signaling that they can be easily trained and fill the open positions, then you will suddenly realize that there would be plenty of candidates to choose from. It also offers you the liberty to scan through a larger resource pool and assess if they are eligible to be trained for required hard skills and can be a good submission for the hiring managers.

You gain candidates loyalty

When you put faith in partially qualified candidates to perform well in a job for which they do not have required hard skills but have the drive to perform, then you invariably win the loyalty of such candidates. They put their faith as they understand that your sourcing specialists and recruiters have taken pain to identify them and also put them forward as eligible candidates.

Increase in placements

At a time when there are lesser candidates available each day for any open position, all you ever want as a staffing business in the US is to be able to find a lot of candidates. And to top that, through the approach of focusing on identifying and submitting candidates selected on their ability to perform rather than screening them out only due to unavailability of required hard skills; you also win their loyalty and both these factors when combined ensures that you start making more placements each day.

Challenge in adopting this approach

Businesses become profitable by increasing their process volume and by doing cost cutting and with this approach you get to achieve both. However, it is not easy to follow this approach as most of the time it will spike your cost since this approach requires more time to be spent by your sourcing and recruiting specialists. But, that is not the end to it; rather you need to engage best RPO services India by partnering with QX Recruitment Services USA.

QX Recruitment USA has state of the art, modern delivery centers in India to help your staffing business in the US to follow the approach of searching and recruiting candidates who can perform in their job regardless of the fact that they do not have sufficient hard skills as required for the open position. Contact Us to see us in actions with a no-obligation free trail for candidate sourcing and recruiting support services.

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