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Top Benefits of Resume Sourcing and Candidate Pre-screening RPO Assistance

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QX Recruitment USA is the best resume sourcing services provider in India

Resume sourcing and candidate pre-screening take up lot of time of the in-house resources and in an attempt to make the process efficient staffing businesses in the US have been hiring more resources. This approach does help but staffing industry has its own share of lean phase every year and at that time it becomes difficult for the agencies to bear the extra cost burden of bench staff. This is why, each day more and more staffing business owners choose to engage resume sourcing and candidate pre-screening RPO assistance from top partners in India. Top benefits that they gain from such engagement are as below:

Reduced in-house bench strength

It undoubtedly is the best benefit that staffing businesses gain from offshore partners offering CV sourcing services. No matter what is the influx of the work volume, you can continue with few of your trusted in-house team members and whenever you need to scale up for some increased job orders you can rely on your offshore staffing process assistance partner to help you complete the jobs. This saves you from incurring cost over in-house bench strength.

Reduced process cost

A lot of staffing businesses in the US with regular inflow of work relied on building in-house teams which however does not help them stay profitable. The main reason behind it is the fact that the wage rise has been constant in the US and employing in-house team costs more each day, draining the profit of the staffing businesses. As a solution, you can engage cv sourcing companies in India who can help you get the same job done with equal efficiency but at a fraction of the cost.

Reduced turnaround time

QX Recruitment Services USA as your resume sourcing services partner in India deploys more resources who have slightly longer work hours and since they are purpose driven they tend to complete the job quicker reducing the turnaround time of the cv sourcing services. Additionally, you get to deploy more people in your offshore team in India without and get the job done quickly without increasing the cost of the process.

Increased use of tools & technology

QX as your offshore staffing process assistance partner have greater access to variety of tools and technology which would be impractical for you to gain access or buy for your limited usage. The enterprise scale use of such tools also allow our cv sourcing specialists more access to relevant data ensuring we come back to you each morning with most relevant slate of candidates for your recruiters to start working on.

Streamlined and secured process

All the US based projects and processes at QX Recruitment services USA are SOC 2 compliant. The staffing process assistance tasks including cv and resume sourcing services are also Six Sigma based. All of these collectively ensure that your staffing business in the US does not have to worry about process security and control.

If you are interested to try our resume sourcing services, then Contact Us and we will be happy to set up a no-obligation trial for you.

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