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Database re-generation
As an industry estimate and as per the Data and Marketing Association approximately 20-25 percent of all business data, pertaining to recruiting business in the US becomes obsolete or outdated. QX recruitment services understands the need of getting rid of obsolete data and keep on generating new data for your recruiting business in the US to keep on working and growing smoothly. And on the same lines, QX offers Database cleansing/re-generation and sourcing recruitment support to refresh and update the candidate database over which you are working
Re-establishing contact
Through this service our team of Database cleansing/re-generation professional regenerate and transform your redundant database into an up-to-date source of candidates by re-establishing contact with lapsed candidates and updating all their important details and availability and by ‘side-lining’ those candidates currently not seeking jobs, thereby improving the quality of your internal database directly resulting into the increase in your bottom line; i.e. interviews and placement.
Candidate qualification & profiling
QX recruitment offers candidate qualification and candidate profiling process through its offshore candidate sourcing and recruitment support service. The team undertaking this process hold relevant industry exposure and expertise ensuring they can easily research about experience and qualification of candidates to be processed further to fill in job roles.
Finding the best match
Our sourcing experts make sure that the candidate’s profile matches the required skill set and strengths and the candidate is suitable for the open role.
Candidates availability for open position
QX recruitment supports its staffing and recruitment clients in the US to check the availability of candidates for a particular shift or a job change.
Candidates availability for calls & interviews
Moreover, availability check is also carried out for the calls and interviews scheduled for the open position. Contacting each and every candidate for these checks is a tedious work and therefore it is best handled for your business by experts from QX recruitment services.
Highly efficient resume sourcing
It is one of the key steps to fill-in open roles in quick turnaround time. This is why, at QX recruitment services, we rely on appointing best resume searching and sourcing experts who are trained and have proven their worth with previous projects.
Research over premium job boards & web communities
Further, the team of researchers that we deploy for you and our other clients are ideally suited to source candidates from the industry/function over which you serve your clients. These resume sourcing professionals are also expert in searching deep into premium job boards, web communities, forums, social media and your internal database to find the best possible candidates.
Telephone sourcing
Traditional sourcing methods miss the passive candidates who are almost unidentifiable due to negligible data about them available over portals or boards. However, through intelligent sourcing tools techniques, coupled with tedious but highly effective telephone sourcing methods We have the ability to map the organizations where the best talents are working in specific sectors.
Mapping to tap passive candidates
This allows QX recruitment services to help your business grow rapidly by tapping passive candidates who are not in any database. With organization mapping, our expert sourcers and recruiters build a niche database of high worth candidates who ideally fit-in for open roles that your recruitment agency is trying to fill in.
Executive search
To meet the ever-increasing demand for middle and senior level executives, passive candidate sourcing along with high value candidate data generation through both conventional and unconventional recruitment process sourcing methods carried out by senior and fully trained sourcing experts of QX recruitment services makes us the top choice for their Headhunting and Executive search requirements.

QX Solutions

QX Recruitment Services as one of the top Recruitment process outsourcing companies in India provides a range of offshore recruiting services for your staffing business as per its changing needs. We work as the screening, sourcing, recruiting, and admin & back-office support engine to look after everything associated with your staffing business in US.

Full cycle recruiting functions for complete RPO solutions
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Multilingual Recruitment
We have recruiters fluent in German, French, Polish, & Mandarin.
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Save time & cost on resume formatting, processing, & job posting
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Out Of Hours
We are your night sourcing partners & help you reach candidates 24x7
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Executive Search
Mature recruiters for headhunting senior level executives
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Candidate generation
Qualification check, profiling, & availability check for open roles.
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The American Staffing Association is the voice of the U.S. staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry. ASA and its affiliates advance the interests of the industry across all sectors through advocacy, research, & education.
The New York Staffing Association (NYSA) is one of the largest affiliated chapters of the American Staffing Association. NYSA represents a diverse base of companies, ranging from small independently-owned staffing companies to large national agencies.
“Our resume sorting process has never been better. Only a few months into the partnership, QXRS now sorts, on an average, 800 resumes a day for us! They are a great partner!”
Gene, COO of a Healthcare Staffing Company

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