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Our Services

Deep understanding of the US staffing industry and its pain points have helped us tailor sourcing, candidate generation, recruitment back office and full cycle recruiting services ensuring your business can fill more jobs each day at reduced cost and with improved turnaround time.

Full Cycle Recruitment

It starts with understanding open job requisitions to skill mapping and concludes with successful on-boarding of candidates. This service helps you to accept more job orders from clients and successfully fill the positions without investing in scaling up your staffing business. Further, this service is highly effective with a dedicated resource as it reduces incurred cost by as much as 50% and also improves the turnaround time by 40%.

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Candidate Sourcing

To match the best talents for open jobs, even your star recruiters require sanitized database and list of candidates who are already sorted as per their qualification and preference. Further, sourcing candidate involves, checking their availability and engaging them through high-touch approach. Overall, it is a cumbersome task in itself and our candidate sourcing services are aimed to help you reach the best set of candidates for each open job.

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Admin & Back Office

Be it administrative and clerical work or requirement of any other recruitment back office solutions, QX delivers cost-effective, high-quality back office support services to help you streamline your bottom line procedures, thereby making your recruitment business in the US more profitable and efficient. As an average, through our recruitment admin and back-office services, we are able to save around 50% of cost and time for your staffing business.

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Out of hours

There are limited number of candidates that can match to an open position and your chances of filling a position depends on how soon your business can reach out to those talents. And to enable your business to be effective 24x7, we provide out of hour/night search/night sourcing services. However, these are not limited to sourcing activities, but also include out of hours’ services of dedicated offshore recruiter to take ahead the sourcing efforts.

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Recruitment Outsourcing

Your staffing business have to source hundreds of resumes before you can submit five suitable talents to the hiring managers. Additionally, there are piles of back office and admin tasks to be performed to make one successful placement. All of these, if done correctly, make recruitment a costly and time consuming process. However, with our recruitment outsourcing services, you benefit from efficient sourcing to hiring process at 50% of cost without compromising on the quality of the process.

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Multilingual Recruitment

The world has gone glocal and everywhere there are companies that require bilingual and multilingual talents. However, sourcing and recruiting such talents become a challenge as there is an evident dearth of multilingual recruiters. And even if you find one, the cost is high and it is imprudent to get them in-house. But with our multilingual recruitment services, you enjoy the benefit of an expert in-house multilingual recruiter at as low as 50% of cost.

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Evaluate our sourcing, hiring, admin & back-office, & full cycle recruiting services with a no-obligation free trial and know for yourself, how effective we are in reducing the cost and improving turnaround time of the processes.

Benefits of Our Services

Improved quality
Our team of sourcers & recruiters adopt high-touch approach to reach out and engage relevant candidates improving quality of talents you submit.
Faster turnaround
Through our scalable and consistent process delivery we help you to provide better services to your clients with improved turnaround time.
Reduce costs
Dedicated resources with proven expertise of sourcing and recruiting utilize their experience in helping clients win best candidates and dramatically reduce process costs.

Swiftness and expertise
Focus with undiminished enthusiasm to search the best candidates, both through conventional and unconventional channels enable us to deliver swiftly and help gain your business domain expertise.
Scalable recruiting capacity
Recruitment business has a volatile dynamics and with the flexibility to up and down-scale we help you keep up the pace and scale accordingly to enjoy greater profit and success
Maintained focus on core business
Outsourcing/offshoring recruitment processes help minimize the time spent by your employees on the recruitment functions and to allow them to focus on core processes to drive business.
Secured Process
We take data security and confidentiality very seriously and have world-class infrastructure in place. We are ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2008 certified for information security & quality management system.

“Our resume sorting process has never been better. Only a few months into the partnership, QXRS now sorts, on an average, 800 resumes a day for us! They are a great partner!”
Gene, COO of a Healthcare Staffing Company