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Managing Director, A Leading Nursing Services
QX Recruitment Services had been successfully supplying a range of support services to another division in our group of companies for some time so we approached them to see what help they could provide for us. A trip to their offices opened our eyes to the extent of their capabilities and how they would be able to assist us. They have genuine healthcare sector knowledge which made a real difference in understanding our requirements and the speed with which they could implement a service for us. After in depth discussions, they now work alongside our existing recruitment and compliance teams, across the UK, providing compliance support work, database cleansing, job posting, online and mobile application screening, pre-interview calls with our healthcare workers and are managing a uniform
COO of a Healthcare Staffing Company
Our resume sorting process has never been better. Only a few months into the partnership, QXRS now sorts, on an average, 800 resumes a day for us! We have been able to achieve better resume matching capability along with economies of scale through their processes and fast turnaround times. Additionally, they provide a Stack Ranking report, which gives a clear overview of how the resumes are sorted. They are a great partner! Gene,
Director of Business Development, A Leading Healthcare Recruitment Agency
It was evident that only after a short period of time that QX were the preferred partner for us due to the noticeable prompt results and first class service we received.
A leading framework nursing agency based out in London
I’m so thankful to the India team! They are a credit to have and to the business. The turnaround time in getting Nurses updated is beyond fantastic. It saves me so much time and gives the company more a reputable reputation to hold on our promises! I have never met a team who is more efficient team who work around the clock and smash targets out the park! Credit to the teams in India and all their hard work.
Finance Director, Leading UK technical recruitment company
We had a great experience in working with QX. Our requirements were well perceived by the sales and the operations team within QX and we could see the commitment from QX right from the start of the project. During the project there was a clear chain of communication and feedback which helped us in managing the deliverables. The deliverables were achieved not only in numbers but also on the qualitative aspects of our requirements. We were satisfied with the delivery and the value addition done by QX to our project.
Director of Strategy, Leading Technical Recruitment Company
After heavily researching a number of leading providers for business process outsourcing, we chose to outsource our recruitment administration function to QX Ltd in December 2013 and immediately saw a big impact on overall productivity. So far, we have been wholly satisfied with the quality of QX’s services which has led to various enhancements across our administration function, allowing our employees in the UK to increase their focus on core business activities. This in turn has maximised sales and has also helped us to achieve huge cost savings. The relationship between Anglo and QX has always been one of transparency, collaboration and partnership. It has been a pleasure working with QX Ltd and we have been very impressed with the professionalism, efficiency and overall value for mo

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